16 Common Smoking Rationalizations, Recognized, Analyzed and Ultimate Destroyed!

truth-166853_640Warning about length (wink). This article is going to be long, really long, because there is no other way around it. There are no miracles and quick fixes as far as quitting smoking is concerned; you need to learn the truth and the truth is always hiding behind facts, waiting for someone to discover it. The truth is hard evidence and not cheap, short one line sentences like smoking is wrong for you, or smoking kills. They are true but the smoker’s mind, like I was eight years ago, doesn’t click with messages like that. If you are a smoker, and you have a genuine interest in quitting, read this article from top to bottom.

cigarette-box-1313470_640From 1993 until 2009, I was a cigarette smoker. It started with one cigarette in 1993 and just before I quit, I was smoking 40 cigs a day! And when a student in Greece, I was smoking easily four packs a day! The only time I wasn’t smoking was when I was sleeping, and I was asleep in a room where I smoked the rest of the day. You could see the ceiling had a yellowish color; that’s the color nicotine becomes when oxidizes. I am telling you these things so you understand that if I managed to quit, you could stop, too. This article is part of a series with smoking as its central theme.  I have some others on my blog; my latest was How to Quit Smoking Forever, where I briefly touch on the method someone must use to have a high rate of success of stopping. It was the way I used to quit smoking, and this year, in May 2016, I will be smoke-free for seven years.  I mention in my Smoking chapter of my first book, Thirsty for Health, an autobiography basically, every time a year goes b16 Common Smoking y with not even a puff, it’s a cause for celebration because seven years ago, I took my life back; I escaped the prison called Nicotine Addiction. Do not kid yourself, my fellow readers, and especially those who smoke, I was a junkie, I was a drug addict, and my drug was nicotine. The fact that is legal to purchase freely anywhere doesn’t make it any less of a drug and me back then and you today a drug addict.

 If you grasp this idea of what you are and position yourself as you exist in society, you will make the connections and decide to get rid of your addiction.

Smoking is just one way of being a prisoner of nicotine; there are other ways a person can continue to be in this highly addictive state and not smoke cigarettes. You have chewing tobacco, snuff (very popular in Sweden), you have nicotine chewing gum and nicotine patches. Don’t kid yourself, these two are not cures from smoking, they are just another way to keep your mind dull and numb to the dopamine releases nicotine creates. It gives a sense of relief and pleasure, when, in reality, you just satisfy a technical and unnecessary addiction that you set up with your first puff years ago.16 Common Smoking Rationalizations, Recognized, Analyzed and Ultimate Destroyed!

In this article, I want to recognize, analyze, and ultimately destroy and kick right out of your head all these rationalizations people who smoke use as an excuse so not to stop smoking.. Rationalizations that I also was bringing as arguments when confronted with the truth by other non-smokers.

There are as many rationalizations about not quitting smoking as the number of smokers out there. Millions. Unfortunately, millions die from cancer and other smoking-related illnesses but even more unfortunate is that those millions are replaced daily by new nicotine addicts. Most of them kids and teenagers, young people, the future of our planet, drugged and giving away their lives.e-cigarette-1301664_640

So I chose 16 of them, and I picked 16 of them because that’s how many years I was an ignorant, selfish drug addict with no regard to what was happening around me. The only thing in my mind was to satisfy an addiction, which I created myself, no one else, to meet a false way of life that nicotine imposed on me and finally to satisfy my urges with no regard to the environment around me.

So my fellow people, non-smokers, ex-smokers, and current smokers, let’s begin the catharsis, let’s learn a few useful truths of what smoking is, what nicotine is, and arm ourselves with some solid truthful, factual arguments to use. The non-smokers and ex-smokers can use them when they talk with other smokers and for the smokers to help them come to that realization point that you are a drug addict, and you need to recover to your previous nicotine free state, because trust me, that state is where you will find your true self.

My name is Andreas Michaelides, and I am a recovering drug addict for life. My drug was nicotine. Never take another puff in your life, smoke-free and free to live your life.


  1. Just one more won’t kill me, or I only did it just once.
  2. Smoking helps me relax from stress and anxieties of life.
  3. Smoking helps me go through hard times; it’s my friend.
  4. I don’t know about everyone else, I am not like the others, I love smoking. People just don’t get how much I like it.
  5. I am not like the others, I am not that addicted. I can control it. I only smoke a couple of cigs a month and maybe a few on particular occasions, you know, as a treat.
  6. I like smoking because of the excellent flavor/taste they have.
  7. My coffee will never taste the same without smoking at the same time.
  8. Smoking helps me focus and concentrate on the task ahead.
  9. I am smoking to kill boredom, otherwise, I don’t
  10. After the divorce, I don’t have much pleasure in my life. Smoking is one of them.
  11. I don’t know what people say, but I have the right to smoke, and it’s my choice. I chose to smoke, no one makes me smoke.
  12. It’s a habit, nothing to worry about, I can stop whenever I want.
  13. If I quit smoking, I will lose all of my friends.
  14. I can’t stop, I really can’t! I tried so many times, I am going to face the fact that I will die a smoker.
  15. Why quit? I am fine, I still have my health.
  16. It’s hard to quit. I am always confronted by monsters and demons, I can’t escape them.
  17. Sources





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