A Road towards an Allergy-Free Home

A Road towards an Allergy-Free Home

 A Road towards an Allergy-Free Home

Those pesky allergies can really affect the quality of your life if left untreated. Antihistamines have become trusty companions of many people, and it wouldn’t be too dramatic to say most of those who use them owe their lives to them. However, your battle against allergies should not stop with medications. By regularly cleaning-up your home and taking care of the household environment, you can significantly improve the quality of life. If you are interested to know how to do this effectively, here are some of the most practical ways to achieve an allergy-free home.

Throw all the rugs out

No matter how decorative or beautiful your rugs are, they are breeding ground for microbes, mites, and dust. Dust allergy is one of the most common household allergies, as it was indicated, it is far from the only reason to worry if you have rugs in your home. The best thing you can do is get rid of them altogether, and the same goes for long curtains. You might be taken aback at how bare the house seems without these wool-based elements, but you should see it as an opportunity to redesign your interior. After all, minimalism is all the rage now.

Leave the shoes outside

Buy as many doormats as there are doors by which you can access the home. Leave these doormats in front of the threshold to make a point that shoes need to be wiped before anyone comes in. Furthermore, you can ask your guests to leave their shoes in the hallway and have slippers prepared for anyone who needs them. This way, if you are allergic to something from the outdoor (like pollen), there is a greater chance they will not bring it into the house.

HEPA filters all around

If you are severely allergic to one or several elements that are omnipresent and nearly impossible to escape, installing HEPA filters in your vacuum cleaner and AC unit is a true lifesaver. These filters are specifically made to trap particles that are really small (as tiny as 0.3 microns), which only means one thing – they’ll be able to capture allergens too.

Hire help

Sometimes, allergies you suffer from can be overwhelming. People tend to react to various allergens differently. With a job and kids under your belt, you have your hands full most of the time and managing home cleanups can turn into a real problem, especially if house dust is one of your biggest enemies. This is where good pros, as these Sydney-based expert cleaners, offer a helping hand. Additional expenses might seem like a step too far, but the peace of mind you’ll get by opting to hire help is absolutely priceless.

Get rid of that mold

There is at least a hundred thousand species of fungus on the planet, and it seems as if they all just can’t resist flocking into your home and causing havoc all around. Bathroom and kitchen tend to be their favorite retreat, probably due to all the humidity and warmth found there. Apart from cleaning these areas regularly and applying some non-invasive, natural cleaning solutions, re-caulk the damaged corners and tiles to discourage this moldy nuisance from moving in.

Technology and medicine are marching hand in hand. New antihistamines and methods for treating allergies are emerging every day, yet there is one crucial aspect that is always and completely in your hands – by taking care of the cleanliness of your home and eliminating all the possible sources of allergies, you are paving a way to a better future for yourself and your family.

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by Lillian Connors

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