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Hello, my dear reader.

This little corner of the virtual world is where I intend to change the world!

Through my posts here and my books I will attempt to help people quit smoking cigarettes, to help them get rid of the nicotine prison. I will do my best to help people lose weight naturally and never gained it back using a healthy plant-based lifestyle and lots of exercises, preferably running

I dream of the world that is smoke-free, cruelty-free (Veganism) healthy and happy. It’s in our hand to make this beautiful green-blue planet a place that every man, woman, and child can be proud of it. Follow me and join me so we turn this world of ours into an amazing and remarkable paradise.

I hope you enjoy my writings here, and any comments you may have, and constructive criticism is always welcome. I always try to better myself and you the readers with your input make me a better version of me.

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Have a healthy and Happy day.

My warmest regards

Andreas Michaelides

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