Cynthia Fabian

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Originally from New York City, Cynthia Fabian now enjoys reading, writing and editing books and her joy, meditating on the beach in Venice, Fl.

“When I was a teenager math was my worst subject. Although I overcame the math disorder later in life,  I always felt like I was less than others in the classroom, just like Max.

When I became a teacher, I saw many children that were experiencing the same difficulties I had as a teen and wanted to help them overcome them, so I wrote this book and more. Listed below:

Books by Cynthia Fabian:

  1. The Counting Game, about a student with dyscalculia
  2. Erica’s Tripod: A Book about a Girl with Muscular Dystrophy, about a child with muscular dystrophy
  3. Orchestra in Our Brain : The Story of a Child with Epilepsy, about a boy with epilepsy
  4. Can’t and Able: An Inspirational Story by Cynthia Fabian (2012-12-20), an inspirational story
  5. Second Hand Art by Cynthia Fabian (2010-04-19), a community survives a hurricane

Adult selection:

  1. Those Sweet Nothings, a book about dates gone wrong

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