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David MarchDavid March is an aspiring young author, first inspired by the ideas of psychological type by Carl Jung and the hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell when he was on the path to finding a career, at 18.

Through self-initiated study and studying under many mentor’s, his research grew exponentially. He noticed that the field of “self-discovery” was largely taken out of school of his school experience and wanted to educate others. Further, when he did find out the field in which he wanted to study (Psychology) He found it to be more focused on neurosciences, anatomy of the brain, biology, genetics and chemistry.Topics he did not find interesting.

However, he was passionate about making theories of mind more practical, understanding what makes people happy, the tenacity and strength of the human spirit, personality types and how they effect our every day decision-making. on top of not being interested in the above subject matter, it seemed to be required to a receive a PH.D or Master’s degree to do real work and make a decent living in the field.

This is when David March learned about life coaching. specifically for career’s, relationship’s with others and business. After going through over 350 hours of coaching, enough hours to become a Master Certified Coach (MCC) according to the International Coaching Federation.

Then, personally coaching numerous clients, some referred to in this book. David March decided to write out and share his well-researched and highly applicable ideas, complete with long a bibliography and all the works cited. During the time he was writing about how he could foster personal and professional growth for others.

He serendipitously met up with a Buddhist playing hand drums. After joining the SGI, the Buddhist organization, he was even more compelled to write and inspire others! in closing here is a quote from the third SGI President Daisaku Ikeda book The New Human Revolution, Vol. 2: “the ‘power of the human spirit’ is stronger than any atomic bomb.

To transform this century of war into a century of peace, we must cultivate the limitless inherent power of human life.” the process in doing this is human revolution, and becoming the hero in your own life. Thus the book talks about a coaching modality which uses the hero’s journey as a structure.

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