Can e-cigarette Completely Replace The Traditional One?

Can e-cigarette Completely Replace The Traditional One

Can e-cigarette Completely Replace The Traditional One?

E-cigarettes are becoming more and more popular every day. The advantages of vaping are now more widely spread around the world. Even in traditional media, e-cigarettes are no longer the new thing. They are presented now as a common way of consuming nicotine among adults. And this is not a strange occurrence. Many people start vaping because they want to stop smoking cigarettes; they use the convenient way nicotine in some of the e-cigarettes is presented to satisfy their cravings; and, hopefully, decrease its consumption every day.

Also, the absence of harmful tar and tobacco combustion in best e-liquid is well received by former cigarette smokers. It is a common knowledge (and has been for quite a long time now) how dangerous cigarettes can be, even over short periods of time.

So, it is time to start wondering: Can e-cigarettes replace the traditional one in the future?

There are many reasons e-cigarettes are preferred among consumers who switched from traditional smoking or tobacco products. One of them is definitely, skipping having to deal with smoke.

1) Smoke on cigarettes is a major concern because:

Smoke can often leave an unpleasant odor.

It can be in our clothing, our bed, our bedroom items and more. The smoke left by traditional cigarettes can leave a very distinct and unpleasant reek all around us. It is straightforward to identify a smoker from a non-smoker due to their often distinctive smoke scent on their clothing, and even sometimes (more often than not) their breath.

Smoke on cigarettes leaves stains.

It is widely notable that cigarette smoke stains various parts of the body of the user. These stains are instant and sometimes can be very hard to wash. Some of them are accumulative and leave a disgusting trace of a compulsive habit that makes visible the lack of control the user has over it. These stains can be present on the hands of the user (usually as tiny yellowish spots), on mustaches, all over beards, on the lips, and areas surrounding the mouth and especially on the teeth. Heavy smokers are known for having yellowish teeth and are prone to various complicated and severe dental health risks, such as gum disease, and it also doubles the chances of losing them.

E-cigarettes, on the other hand, can be on the opposite side of the spectrum. E-cigarettes can even have odorless presentations, but for the most part, some of the best e-liquid add fruity and spicy flavors and aroma to their formula so users can have a pleasurable experience while vaping; vapor is also innocuous to the health of the skin, mouth, and teeth. It is the vapors of the save solvents present in e-liquid.

2) E-cigarettes are safer. 

They contain 95% less harmful toxins than traditional smoking tobacco, according to recent research at University College London. This studio also included nicotine-replacement therapy, claiming that there are minimal risks associated with the usage of both in the long-run, as opposed to the many diseases cigarettes have proven to cause over the years. This is resulting from the many dangerous chemicals that cigarettes expel when ignited. Even the heat of the combustion itself is near the mouth, is known for causing harm on the skin of smokers.

3) E-cigarette usage will benefit your sense of taste and smell.

 Tobacco products leave an unpleasant layer of tar in your tongue and on most parts of your respiratory system and prevent you from feeling things naturally. This can last almost indefinitely, it will affect you as long as you smoke or chew tobacco. Neophyte e-cigarette consumers often report a newfound sense of smell and taste after leaving all other tobacco products behind. It is the sensation felt when your body doesn’t have those nasty substances blocking your organs from performing their normal bodily functions anymore!

4) E-cigarettes won’t mess with other people´s health.

It often said that people should be left alone when criticizing their unhealthy choice of smoking. It’s their health, after all. But the reality of the situation tells us that those people are also affecting other’s health. Passive smoking is also hazardous and is related to various types of cancer, just as first-hand smoking. Vaping saves every one of the inconvenience of damaging others with the smoke we expel to the environment.

E-cigarettes are still somewhat new, it is possible that new advantages are found over the years, but for now, it is a safe bet to say that they could be replacing smoking shortly, given all of their evident advantages over traditional cigarettes.

by Jannat Seemu

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