Henry Simpson

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thirsty4health.comHENRY SIMPSON (B.S., Engineering; M.A., English, 1974; Ph.D, Educational Psychology, 1987) writes crime fiction and short stories. A graduate engineer, Henry began graduate school in English while working as a research scientist with a Goleta consulting firm. Two years after completing his degree, he became west coast editor of an electronics trade magazine and published several articles on digital technology. He was fired in a salary dispute and at his exit interview, the young publisher—a former ad salesman for Penthouse–advised him thus: “Any shlemazle can be a writer or editor. To sell it takes a gift. This you don’t learn from UCSB.” Henry got a real estate license, met a wonderful group of Republicans, but failed in sales. He joined Anacapa Sciences as a staff scientist and, while employed there, completed a Ph.D in UCSB’s educational psychology program. Later, as a free-lance writer, he published books on computer programming, human factors, and technical documentation design. His next career move was to become a research psychologist at the Navy Personnel Research and Development Center in San Diego, where he conducted research and published on military education and training. Later, he joined a then new research institute in Monterey. Henry says that though his career has strayed far from what might be expected of an Engineering major, he sees no contradiction.

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