Mary Khazak Grant: An Entire Literary Output in a 30-Year Creative Career

Mary Khazak Grant: An Entire Literary Output in a 30-Year Creative Career

An American author, Mary Khazak Grant, recently realized that she is quite a prolific writer.  In the past 12 years, she has authored and self-published 18 books. To become swiftly acquainted, please visit her storefront at:  There you will find much to pique your interest.

What follows is a detailed presentation about this author and her literary efforts. If you like what you see or are curious, please contact the author directly.  All these books are available for purchase at Lulu Press. There, a showcase for each book provides cover art, a preview, and specifications of the bound book. But you can also purchase these books at Kindle Books, Barnes & Noble, Amazon Books and other stores online.

Whew!  This “Literary Grandma Moses” has finally produced viable titles after over 30 years of creative writing. She is still very young in heart. More creative projects are in the offing!

Summer of 2017 finds this author hard at work on yet another children’s picture book in the category “Community Helpers” entitled Mark the Motorcycle Messenger Man.  She is also completing the first draft of an autobiographical novel about her hometown, Riverside.


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Collected Poems – (2016) This 6 x 10” case bound hardcover anthology features over 150 poems written during the course of a lifetime placed in alphabetical order by title.


Having a Showdown with Mental Illness – (2016)This self-help book is for the mentally ill person and family.  In over 140 pages, a program for accelerating a permanent cure is outlined.  Part Two of the book, entitled Pertinent Topics, features over 45 posts from the author’s blog.

Poorest Richard’s Guide to Extreme Poverty in Nassau–  (2003) This book is designed to aid the homeless person living on Long Island. It is partly fictionalized and contains much reference material on ways to obtain food, clothing, shelter, and other necessities of living.  It’s a rare oddity, extremely humorous in style and more than a bit of a memoir of the period 2005-2008 when the author was homeless.

Musings About Western Religions– (2016) The manuscript is in typed scrape book Courier font and all.  It’s loosely organized into sections by subject matter—a series of journal entries written in the course of a lifetime by this Jewish yoga adept who became a Christian.  Spiritual insights gleaned from a lifetime living as a mystic have been recorded, sorted and organized. There are scriptural commentaries on both the Old and New Testament, records of mystical experiences which changed the writer permanently, and some whimsical ideas.

The Khazak New Testament Compendium of Mental Illness (2014) – This reference work, in full color paperback, is over 170 pages long. It analyzes the text of the four Gospels pertaining to mental illness.  There is a cross-index of syndromes, citations, and commentaries. It took four years to produce this book. The author considers it to be her crowning achievement.

Short Fiction:

Tales from the Pocono Ashram (memoir-2016) – short stories based on the antics of the charismatic gurani of a spiritual retreat set in the 1970s. All the stories mosaic into a full picture. This is actually memoir.

Francie’s Tale and Other Stories – A collection of seven short stories  written from 1998-2014.

Collected Stories (2016) – These are 16 stories with radical, cutting edge themes, intricate plots and much originality.  There are 2 novellas.  The book is a 6 x 10” case bound hardcover 202 pages long, without illustrations.

Long Fiction:

Her Day of Reckoning (2016) – This is a prison story or short memoir recording events which happened in 2008. It is a case bound paperback measuring 6 x 10” in black and white with illustrations—artwork by the author created while in jail. This book is 184 pages long.


Cartoons for Religious Stained Glass 2006-2008 – This is a collection of over 25 cartoon designs for stained glass.  It is in full color, designed as a “coffee table book”, and spiral bound, measuring 8.5 x 11”.  The book contains 2 blueprint designs for fanciful Catholic churches.


Noah’s Ark: Then and Now (Illustrated by the author)    Presently under redesign—unavailable.

Bereshesh Garden (In The Beginning) Garden (Illustrated by the author) Presently under redesign

Biblical stories are exciting when given a scientific interpretation in a new beautifully illustrated children’s book series both written and illustrated by Mary Khazak Grant.

While both Noah’s Ark: Then & Now and Bereshesh (In the Beginning) Garden faithfully follow the biblical scripture in the Old Testament, they provide modern scientific explanations which invigorate and inspire the imagination of  today’s skeptical children.  The story lines are plausible and riveting.  The story of Noah is timely in view of an atomic Armageddon, hinted at towards the end.  The story of Adam and Eve has been melded with geological and archaeological evidence to make a seamless and relevant story for modern young readers.

This sort of approach which synthesizes the Scripture with modern scientific knowledge has never been attempted before.  Neither book is overly religious or staid in tone.  Rather, they are both entertaining and beautifully illustrated.

These are meant to be lavishly printed 4-color art books in large format.

The book on Noah is complete at 32 pages, while Bereshesh Garden is 54 pages total.  The media is pastel pencil and ink. The style is Avant Garde realism.  It was very exciting to watch these inspired projects grow.  I am sure that when you have a chance to view the samples I shipped, you will agree they are sale worthy. There is room in the religious, educational, and mainstream juvenile market for these books to make a splash.

Sphinx: The Fifth Pterosaur (Illustrated by Kate Szmidt — 2016)

Here is the story of five pterosaurs who survived life into ancient times as helpers of Mankind. The setting is ancient Egypt.

All Americans are fascinated by cartoons and recent movies about dinosaurs.  How many children have yet to see a beautiful picture book filled with collage´s depicting an incredibly original interpretation of history from the dawn of time until the building of the Sphinx of Ancient Egypt?  To date: None!  That’s a summary of Sphinx: The Fifth Pterosaur, which is designed to captivate and invigorate the imagination of school-age children.  It provides unique insights.  It gives plausible scientific explanations of ancient stories and myths.  These are seamlessly woven together in a very original tale.  The book, over two years in the making, is 38 pages long.  Full-color collages have been created out of prints in the public domain.  It ends with maps of the Ancient World and a glossary.

The book is geared to the el-hi or educational book selling market.  However, it will compete aggressively in the category of general children’s fiction due to its highly original story line and captivating pictures.  Like Noah’s Ark: Then and Now, it melds modern science, archaeology and myth into a plausible story which will appeal to intelligent thinkers of all ages.  And for that reason, this book is submitted for your consideration.

Mack the Trucker (Illustrated by Kate Szmidt–2016)

 A collaboration between a poet and talented artist, this little book is intended to stimulate the offspring of blue collar workers across America. It is first in a series, with others planned about nurses, crossing guards, miners, plumbers and policemen, construction workers, steel foundry workers, and electricians in the future.  All in a “read to me, mommy” format for the very young.

The rollicking verses and humorous illustrations will tickle a child’s heart at bedtime. The book will coordinate well with teacher’s read-aloud materials in the Kindergarten or First Grade.

Don’t estimate its selling power by its simplicity and small format!

Tim’s Runaway Reindeer (Illustrated by Kate Szmidt–2016)

This hard cover book is intended for distribution during the Christmas season. It is a story about two reindeer who have run away from Santa Claus.  This extremely original, highly visual, humorous, exciting and suitable story line is accompanied by warm illustrations in sepia.

In “Runaway Reindeer”, two young stags learn how to give of themselves, heal a crippled boy, alleviate the suffering of his loving American father and mother, and restore hope for the future to the poor.  There are all sorts of miracles, special effects and wonders built into the plot.  Visualize sets of magic red and green plants growing up in a house overnight, transforming everything into a Christmas Wonderland!

The originality of the story, along with a similarity to the works of Hans Christian Anderson or the Brothers Grimm are sure to make it a hot seller before Christmas.

The Book of Firsts (2016)This is an educational introduction in fiction to Mankind’s first inventions and discoveries, including Fire, the Wheel, Bread, Glass, Beer and Farming.  It is “Young Adult Fiction”.  A collection of sixteen short stories covering chronological prehistoric times to modern. At the end of the book is a Study Guide (with answers, without answers) and a Bibliography.

The Story Of David Who Loved His Mother (illustrated by the author—currently under redesign and unavailable)This is written in a Fiction Noir¢ vein.  It tells the story of a homeless boy taken in by a family from Jamaica.

Mark the Motorcycle Messenger Man (in development) This is another title in my “community helpers series” (along with Mack the Trucker) about unconventional jobs which help America run.

For any questions concerning these books please approach the author.


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