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Don't Eat the Oil: The Health Consequences of "Vegetable Oils"Jan 6, 2017 by Thomas L. Copmann Ph.D.I have authored over 50 peer-reviewed articles. I hold an MS in Endocrinology, a Ph.D. in Physiology and Post-Doctoral training in Neuroendocrinology. I currently consult the pharmaceutical industry where I spent over 25 years developing new drugs. I have been active on Editorial Boards, Scientific Advisory Boards and as a member of Boards of Directors for several companies. I am the former Chair of the Commission on Drugs for Rare Diseases, as well as a former Advisor to the National Vaccine Advisory Board. I have been a guest on Larry King Live as well as numerous radio programs and interviews with the print media. I also served as a scientific advisor to the White House.
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  1. Don’t Eat the Oil: The Health Consequences of “Vegetable Oils.”

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