Waxing Gibbous Moon

Waxing Gibbous Moon by Eileen Troemel

Waxing Gibbous Moon

The moon is growing stronger each night.  During the waxing (or growing) phase the “moon is more than half illuminated but not quite full.  This is the calm before the full moon.  As the light grows even brighter in the night, your confidence grows.”  This is a time of growing and adjusting.  Give yourself time to adjust to the changes.

In the last month, I’ve been dealing with a lot of changes.  My middle daughter is moving.  She got a different job and is relocating two states away from where she currently lives.  It’s great she’ll be closer to home, but the transition is hard on her.

Every weekend for the last month, I’ve been helping her cope and prepare for the move from apartment hunting to packing.  During this moon phase, I’m taking a breath to let my energy recoup from the busyness of the last few weeks.

She makes the actual move this coming weekend.  Before then, I’m taking time to accept my own limitations.  She got an upstairs apartment which with my physical limitations makes it difficult for me to get into her apartment.

One of the things I told my husband was I can remember when I was younger we would start early in the morning and work on a move until it was done.  Now I work for a couple of hours, and I’m tired.  Part of that is being older, and part of it is my physical limitations.

This moon phase is about accepting the changes, accepting the choices and taking a breath before the high energy of the full moon.  Taking a breath could be a variety of options.  Spa night, a walk in nature, meditation, or anything else which gives you an opportunity to look within yourself and assess who you are and where you are.

Change is good, but it can also be difficult.  When you face the challenge of change, allow yourself the time to breathe, to let a breeze wash away the stress while you focus on the positive aspects of the change.

During her stressful time, my daughter has a tendency to talk around a topic repeatedly.  I’ve learned to let her talk it through a time or two.  Then I make her stop and listen, remind her of the possibilities the change will bring and reassure her she will get through this.

She knows everything I’m telling her, just as I know it when she tells me when I’m stressed.  But taking that moment, that breath to calm and center yourself allows you to stop thinking about all the things she needs to get done and remember the reasons for the change.

The waxing moon energy helps me focus on those moments when I take that breath and know I’m doing what I can within my limitations.  It reminds me to respect my limitations because if I don’t, I’ll end up in worse pain and be useless.  So bring on the silliness and the giggles in order to relieve some of the stress.  Bring on the groans over moving because there’s also the joy of having a new job and joy for me in knowing she will face this new challenge and job – maybe not gracefully but at the very least, she will find her way to the other side of the gibbous moon.

by Eileen Troemel

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