6 Essential Beauty Tips to Prevent Pimple Growth on Your Face

6 Basic Beauty Tips to Prevent Pimple Growth on Your Face
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6 Essential Beauty Tips to Prevent Pimple Growth on Your Face

The face is prone to various skin blemishes because it is the portion mostly exposed to air, to other external factors and to the things you touch and people you interact with. Those issues include acne and pimples growing because of various reasons. They annoy you a lot not only because of how they look but most especially because of how they make you feel.

Just like many people, you might be very disappointed with many products you have bought just to fight off those irritating pimples. You might have already gotten trust issues with skincare advertisement, your friend’s pieces of advice, beauty products and the like because you see zero improvements.

If you are just like that, take a look at these beauty tips which are helpful for you to lessen pimple growth on your face:


It’s easy to wet your face with water, but proper cleansing makes all the difference. You might think that it’s better to clean too much than “insufficiently,” however, immoderate washing is not healthy as well anymore. Do it at most twice a day.

When you wash your face, you are removing dirt, sweat and excess oil. That means if you don’t, you’re letting those nasty particles stay deep in your skin. Use cleansers which are suitable for your skin type and conditions. Using products which are not appropriate for your skin might harm it rather than improve it. Use products with gentle chemicals and alcohol-free content; avoid the harsh ones.

Use your fingertips as you apply cleansers and essential oils even though you have clothes and sponges because those materials might infuriate your skin especially when rubbed forcefully and hardly. Rinse thoroughly and delicately after applying cleansers or when prescribed. Pat your face dry.


Many skin issues and the worsening of them are caused by your hands playing on your face. Sometimes, you just like to touch and see how your skin feels. You look at the mirror and incessantly put your hands on your face, taking a look at minor bumps or any part of it that is seemingly bothering you. From time to time, you are also not aware that your hands are crawling up your face, going busy as they bother portions that bother you.

Keep your hands off your face as much as possible because the hands are most often dirty since you use them to touch and hold countless things and even people. Even the air is polluted. Always touching your face makes it even more prone to getting pimples because it indirectly gets in contact with unsanitary things.

If you need to touch your face, make sure your hands are not very dirty. Make proper hand washing a habit of yours whenever your hands are dirty and before you essentially touch your face and do other activities that require adequate hygiene.


There are numerous skincare and beauty products sold out there, so it is indeed a huge challenge to choose which would best fit your skin and your need. Great brands, excellent packaging, magnetizing advertisement, and affordable or high prices — there’s definitely a lot to choose from, but prioritize your skin’s health above all.

Aside from sweat and oils, beauty products like creams and makeup clog pores. That’s when it becomes hard for your skin to breathe. When your skin gets difficulty in releasing impurities and taking in the necessary nutrients, pimples and other skin impurities appear. Choose products that will not block your skin’s pores.


You might not be too aware to notice it, but the things that get in close contact to your face include your bed sheets, pillows, blankets and even the stuffed toys you hug at night. You are very comfortable and happy while relaxing and cuddling them, but they can be unhygienic, too, if you don’t do your part of washing them well.


You don’t have to be in a strict diet to avoid getting pimples. What this means is that you have to be careful of what you eat. Be sure that you choose nutritious foods and drinks.

If your skin is pimple-prone, then inform yourself about certain foods which trigger pimple growth. Do your own research to see what can be bad or good for your skin. Avoid junk food because they’re one of the top foods that might lead to pimples. There are so many healthy options to choose from. Pick your power.


Stress seems inevitable because a lot of things, happenings and even people become your stressors. It feels like there’s always something to rant about, to worry about and to get annoyed about. Studies say that one of the causes of many illnesses nowadays is stress.

Well, you know that a stressful feeling is really draining. You feel like giving up on things you’re stressed about, and you are extremely bothered. That also triggers and worsens pimples.

Learn how to manage your stress by developing a more positive mindset. As much as possible, learn to be more patient and understanding about things that stress you out. Overcome it, and don’t let it make you look indeed stressed, manifesting it through pimples.


Pimples and other skin impurities are part of growing up and living actually. However there are many fundamental ways to lessen and to even prevent them. Hopefully, the beauty mentioned above tips serve as a reminder to you of the things you are not aware of when taking care of your skin or you are aware but often forget about. Have a happy and healthy skin!

by Nicole Ann Pore

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