7 Amazing Anti-Aging Benefits from CBD

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CBD and hemp products have gained popularity over the years. Their uses have extended beyond the therapeutic and recreational significance. Nowadays, CBD is a vital ingredient used in the beauty industry to formulate high-end topical creams. Several studies have shown that CBD can actually reverse the signs of aging. It also promotes youthful, natural skin. Below are some ways in which CBD-based products can keep your skin from aging.

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  1. Reduces inflammation

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. CBD oils, when applied topically, helps relieve flaking and burning of the skin. It reduces dryness and redness associated with infections and consistent inflammatory responses. Often, inflammatory infections are those characterized by inflammation such as allergies and autoimmune diseases. Other complications in this list include hepatitis and transplant rejection, etc. CBD plays a therapeutic role by mediating the immune response of such conditions. It also activates glycine-receptors that reduces chronic inflammatory pain.

  1. Relieves Stress and tension

High-stress levels in the body are some of the contributing factors to premature skin aging. In a study review, on psychological stress and skin aging, stress stimulates the autonomic nervous system and the renin-angiotensin system. These two are pathways which, when activated for long, can result in DNA damage and chronic immune dysfunction. While there isn’t directly conclusive evidence linking stress to aging; the mechanisms by which high-stress levels interfere with oxidative radicals and immune modulation presents a likely intervention for skin aging. CBD products are commonly prescribed for stress and anxiety disorders in depressed individuals. By taking CBD-based products, you help calm down receptors in the endocannabinoid system while maintaining healthy skin.

  1. Improves moisture retention

A moist skin has better chances of maintaining that vibrant and glowing appeal. Excellent moisture content in the skin cells prevents the epidermal layers from cracking and forming scaly patches. CBD contains various ingredients that keep the skin looking healthy. One of those components is a moisturizing compound known as the GLA, (gamma-linolenic acid). The latter is a form of Omega-6 fatty acid that’s primarily found in vegetable oils.

  1. Improves skin firmness and elasticity

CBD, just like Marijuana, is available in different strains and formulation. Some CBD-based products have been keenly processed and sorted to serve specific purposes. CBD anti-aging creams have natural components blended with other compounds such as collagen and retinol. This forms a powerful formula that cancels the signs of aging while boosting skin firmness and elasticity. Natural hemp products found in facial CBD creams restore the right skin texture.

  1. Promotes oil production

As the body gets older, the skin begins to produce less oil. This has the effect of leaving the skin flakey and drier. Body oil is secreted in the sebaceous layer of the skin and helps lubricate, waterproof, and fight off infections. According to a 2008 study, on the role of CBD in the regulation of oil secretion in the body; the conclusion was that cannabinoid receptors can be a target in the treatment of sebaceous-related skin conditions. Such conditions include dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis. To date, progressive studies have shown that CBD extracts are effective in boosting body oil secretion. This has led to CBD products used as a long-term treatment option for aging skin.

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  1. Keeps Acne and dandruff under control

CBD hemp oil is reputed for its antibacterial properties that free the skin from germs and clogging of the skin pores. Besides the antibacterial properties, CBD oil is a natural cleansing agent that helps combat acne breakouts. Unlike the chemical-based acne products, CBD oils leave a soothing effect on the skin.

For the case of dandruff, commercial shampoos and conditioners may not always work. The little irritating flakes, for example, are caused by dryness of the scalp as well as excess oil, making the dead skin cells clump together. CBD oil won’t directly get rid of dandruff but will stop dryness and regulate the production of oil in the skin.

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  1. Pain soothing properties

The skin often gets irritated due to different stimuli. Certain infections can cause extreme discomfort on the skin. The only way to relieve irritated skin is to alter the body’s immune response. When it comes to calming the nerves and alleviating pain; changing the endocannabinoid system is the most effective treatment option. In the process of calming the body’s immune response, the number of cannabinoids is increased in the system hence boosting the calming sensation.

Since the aging process is influenced both by intrinsic and extrinsic factors, it’s essential to have a right blend of facial care products. Collagen levels in the skin drop with age and the skin become fragile. Oil-producing glands also become less productive, and skin becomes drier. Elastin levels fluctuate, and skin elasticity begins to deteriorate. By choosing the right CBD beauty product, your skin becomes stimulated to produce Hyaluronic Acid. The latter improves skin texture, tone, and moisture content.

In a Viral Post on the increased use of anabolic steroids; it’s clear that many people who buy steroids online use them as a hormone replacement therapy. This means that when taken under the supervision of an expert, it can rejuvenate the youthful cells, helps built younger skin, boost testosterone levels in men, and relieve symptoms of menopause in females.

A better alternative to the commercial beauty products is to go all natural with the CBD and pure hemp formulations. There are several hemp extracts in the market with varying THC and CBD contents. Some of the best and high-quality CBD strains, such as Shatter, contains high levels of Cannabinoid.


Since hemp products have been made fully legal in various parts of the world, the CBD market is expected to grow with an exponential gain. CBD-based beauty products are increasingly becoming popular and will take over the skincare market shortly. Get the CBD based products and cannabis from the legalized online dispensary Canada to get the most uses out of it. In a report, on the future of CBD beauty products, it’s estimated that the industry will amass 15 percent of the total skin care market to reach a global market share of $25 billion in the next decade.

by Harold Camaya


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