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Tabitha CulphHello. My name is Tabitha. I enjoy things like reading, writing, researching, listening to peaceful music, spending time with my friends and family. 🙂

 I was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1986 under the zodiac star sign of Taurus of which energies I can relate to quite well as being one of those things that have influenced my life.

I have lived in the two states of Queensland and Victoria back and forward a lot in my childhood as my parents were both from one of each state and couldn’t settle on a particular one for long. Eventually, when my mother remarried, we lived more permanently in regional Victoria in a town called Castlemaine. My adolescence years were focused on that area. For high school, I attended a small Christian school in a nearby city in Campbells Creek, which was, even more, less than Castlemaine. I was also really actively involved in my local corps (church) The Salvation Army for my spiritual connections.

 These places(church and school) gave me most of the opportunities in my teen years to experience more of the world out of my relatively sheltered life at the time. As I would attend camps, events, trips to other places with these groups of people. However, I wasn’t prepared for the time I moved away from home to Melbourne at 18 years of age. I tried to adjust but just didn’t have the supports or coping skills myself at the time to do so. I eventually became quite isolated and also depressed and anxious for many things were collapsing in my life at the time. I tried to get help to fit in (and follow the crowd so to speak) from that which I knew growing up(churches, school, friends/family), and then the mainstream medical establishments-however it didn’t work out well.

All those things were a part of my journey which led me to where I am today happier and in control of my life! 🙂 to find my place in this world after having so much just fallen apart around me, I had to search. I attended various religious denominations, I went to medical professional after professional; I have tried to find different work and study paths, did self-help training, lots of trial and error with trying to figure out how life would work best for me. In the process of all that I went through a lot of trauma, grief, and loss which was really at times so difficult to bear that I thought I couldn’t take it any longer.

 However, I knew within me that it couldn’t be the end that there was more to life than just pain and struggle that I had to keep going however much it hurt. As I journeyed on more and discovered more things about the reality in which we live I knew that I had to get through things and reach my goals which also include assisting others by helping them through difficult times. I have gained so much experience, insight and character that although I would like to have lived an ideal life, I know now the lessons have been learned. That what is ahead for me is certainly manageable as I have the control over my life to make decisions and improve myself so I can achieve that which I aim to be and do.

I am at a stage in my life now where I can more easily share that which I have learned with others. This is something which makes me happy. I love being able to put into words that which I have gained, and I hope that a lot more people will benefit. It is my desire to see this world change for the better. I have now found ways to express that- it is not having to be following a particular religion, political policy, group or whatever. I know that it is being true to who I am and not trying to hide that is the best way to be! I believe that within all of us we have the potential to be amazing and lead remarkable lives that affect this planet to be a more peaceful, kind place to live for us all!

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